About OnDemand Recovery

OnDemand Recovery is an award-winning Cloud Service Provider. We simplify IT Backup, Recovery and Business Continuity tasks through a range of recovery services Powered by Asigra, the industry’s leading Cloud Backup solution.

By eliminating all of the unnecessary overhead associated with managing backup‘s for small, medium and large organisations we deliver highly automated Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud services for our clients worldwide. Whether you wish to subscribe to a simple Public Cloud pricing model, require a Private Cloud solution or need a whole recovery infrastructure designed, built and supported we have the appropriate solution.

All of the services we deliver optimise the backup data, at last returning control of the ever growing storage pool back to the organisation. Addressing data protection needs ranging from the restoration of a single corrupted file to a complete clustered line-of business-application, enterprise backup support includes Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL and Oracle through Lotus Domino and SAP, protecting complex Document Management and Accounting systems, Based on Windows, Linux, UNIX, virtual machine or Mac platforms

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