Recovery License Model (RLM)

The fairer way to buy Backup and Recovery

With on-going pressure to reduce IT spend across Enterprise and SMB organisations and data volumes growing, the storage and backup spend continues to be an ever increasing percentage of the IT budget. We see unit costs dropping, but the growth in data and increase in systems that require agents, cause overall spending on backup whether capacity-based or agent-based to increase year on year. We don’t think this is sustainable. Current pricing models for backup software have remained unchanged for many years, and this doesn’t seem fair given the explosive growth in systems and data when coupled to the number of underperforming backup and recovery solutions in use today.

That’s why OnDemand Recovery have adopted Asigra Recovery License Model® RLM the fairer way to buy backup and recovery.

It’s all about Recovery

Every vendor can backup data, but how many will offer “no recovery, no charge”?

Predictable fees

We cap the fees and reduce them to reflect actual usage of the data volumes recovered. Tracked, analysed and reported

Scales up and down

If you add or reduce capacity the recovery statistics are applied equally

It’s all about Recovery

Recovery License Model® is designed to save organisations money immediately, but it goes far beyond a simple discount. At its core, the Recovery License Model is about fairness and alignment with real business value. The purpose of data backup and recovery is the ability to recover important data whenever it is lost. The real value is in recovery, not backup, and we don’t think it’s fair that current pricing models ignore how little data is actually recovered.   The Asigra Recovery License Model is a performance-based model that accounts for the total amount of recovery performed on an annual basis.

Predictable fees

Since the focus of this pricing model is on recovery percentage, not backup, costs are much lower and fairer. Recovery volumes can fluctuate from year to year, but we have built an upper and lower limit into the model so that recovery costs are constrained and predictable. Included within RLM is a patent pending Asigra Recovery Tracker, an integrated utility that will tell you about your recovery performance, so an organisation can become proactive on their data losses and enable a performance-based approach to IT investment.

Scales up and down

When additional systems and data are added into your backup and recovery service the recovery statistics and costs are applied equally across all. It takes the Asigra Recovery Tracker at least six months to establish a statistical base but once the tracker has recorded that you have recovered less than the starting level, the recovery fees can be reduced. Any recovery that fails is not included in the statistics and we think that is also very fair. In addition there are a number of waivers, for example VDR data is not included. Please contact us for more information.

Recovery Assurance

Asigra have understood for many years that being able to backup is only a small part of what they do, it’s all about recovery. With backup services in operation globally for over 24 years the solution has an integral verification process to ensure that any data held in an Asigra backup vault is maintained with integrity and can be recovered. This unique process for a backup solution is called Autonomic Healing. You get back what you put in, try that with agent-based backup and tape.

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